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Patent and Technology License Agreements (Details)

Patent and Technology License Agreements (Details) - USD ($)
1 Months Ended 6 Months Ended
Oct. 06, 2020
Jun. 30, 2020
Apr. 30, 2020
Mar. 31, 2021
Patent and Technology License Agreements (Textual)        
Annual fee paid   $ 90,000    
Minimum aggregate annual royalties       $ 100,000
Increasing annual royalties       25,000
Maximum aggregate annual royalties       150,000
Payable amount to NAT       $ 1,100,000
Description of license agreement       The Company paid annual maintenance fees of $45,000 and $30,000 in January 2021 and 2020, respectively. The annual maintenance fee increases by $15,000 per year up to a maximum of $90,000. Annual maintenance fees cease on the first sale of product. We also must pay up to an aggregate of $2.1 million in milestone payments, contingent on the achievement of various regulatory and commercial milestones. Under the terms of the license agreement, we also must pay a royalty of mid- to upper-single digit percentages of net sales, depending on the amount of annual sales, and subject to downward adjustment to lower- to mid-single digit percentages in the event there is no valid patent for the product in the United States at the time of sale. After the first sale of product, we will owe an annual minimum royalty payment of $100,000 that will increase annually by $25,000 for the duration of the term.
Annual minimum royalty payment       $ 100,000
Agreement expiration date       Jan. 02, 2034
Options paid     $ 100,000  
Research and development expense       $ 5,000,000
Exclusive agreement, description Through NoveCite, our subsidiary that was established specifically for this purpose, exercised the option and signed an exclusive license agreement with Novellus. NoveCite is focused on developing cellular therapies. Upon execution of the agreement, we paid $5,000,000 to Novellus and issued Novellus shares of NoveCite’s common stock representing 25% of the outstanding equity. We own the other 75% of NoveCite’s outstanding equity. Pursuant to the terms of the stock subscription agreement between Novellus and NoveCite, if NoveCite issues additional equity, subject to certain exceptions, NoveCite must maintain Novellus’s ownership at 25% by issuing additional shares to Novellus.      
Developmental milestone, description NoveCite is obligated to pay Novellus up to $51,000,000 upon the achievement of various regulatory and developmental milestones. NoveCite also must pay a royalty equal to low double-digit percentages of net sales, commencing upon the sale of a licensed product. This royalty is subject to downward adjustment to an upper-single digit percentage of net sales in any country in the event of the expiration of the last valid patent claim or if no valid patent claim exists in that country. The royalty will end on the earlier of (i) date on which a biosimilar product is first marketed, sold, or distributed in the applicable country or (ii) the 10-year anniversary of the date of expiration of the last-to-expire valid patent claim in that country. In the case of a country where no licensed patent ever exists, the royalty will end on the later of (i) the date of expiry of such licensed product’s regulatory exclusivity and (ii) the 10-year anniversary of the date of the first commercial sale of the licensed product in the applicable country. In addition, NoveCite will pay to Novellus an amount equal to a mid-twenties percentage of any sublicensee fees it receives.